wIntegrate Java Client Installation

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See the wIntegrate Installation and Configuration guide for more information about:
  • how the Java client works
  • installation
  • the Administrator
  • the Monitor
Install wIntegrate Server

The Java client is a screen-and-keyboard interface to the core wIntegrate functionality executing in the wIntegrate Server, normally running on a remote server.

Run SetupServer.exe to install the wIntegrate Server. You'd normally install the wIntegrate Server to a remote server, but for testing purposes you can install it to your own computer.

Installing the wIntegrate Server automatically installs the Administrator. You might also want to install the Monitor using SetupMonitor.exe.

Install Windows Thin Client

We recommend you install the Windows client using SetupClient.exe. Though the Windows client is not essential to run the Java client, it makes sense to get it working before attempting to use the Java client.

With the Windows client running, you can try the Administrator and Monitor.

Install Java Client

The files for the Java client are installed with the wIntegrate Server, provided you turn on the Java Client option during installation. By default, these files are installed in the Program Files\wIntServ\wIntJava folder:

wIntJava.htm the wIntegrate Java Client examples start HTML page.
Installation.htm an HTML page explaining how to install the wIntegrate Java Client (this page).
wIntJavaApp.htm an example HTML page with the wIntegrate Java Client launched as a separate application.
wIntJavaAppConfig.htm an HTML page explaining how to configure the wIntegrate Java Client to be launched as a separate application.
wIntJava.jnlp a Java Web Start JNLP configuration file for launching the wIntegrate Java Client as a separate application.
wIntJava.css the stylesheet used by the example pages.
wIntJavaApplet.jar the wIntegrate Java Client code.
wIntJc.css the stylesheet used by the wIntegrate Java Client.
wIntJava.gif a customisable image used by Java Web Start when the wIntegrate Java Client is launched as a separate application.
wIntJava64x64.gif a customisable image used by Java Web Start when the wIntegrate Java Client is launched as a separate application. a zipped file containing help in HTML format. If you want to make help available to users of the wIntegrate Java Client, these files should be copied to your server.
wIntJava.ico an icon file representing the wIntegrate Java Client that can be used as needed.

Java Security

The wIntegrate Java Client is code-signed for security. When you attempt to run it you will be prompted to continue based on whether or not you trust the software publisher. The reason for the prompt is that compelling parts of the functionality of the wIntegrate Java Client require access to the computer's resources (mostly the file system). There is usually an option to disable further prompts if you decide to continue.