wIntegrate Java Client Examples




It is possible to deploy the wIntegrate Java Client using a web browser thanks to a Java technology called Java Web Start. Typically a link is provided on a browser page which when clicked will deploy the wIntegrate Java Client to the user's computer and run it. The wIntegrate Thin Client will run as a separate application with its own window in this situation. Subsequent use of the link will cause the deployed wIntegrate Thin Client to run. The wIntegrate Thin Client will be installed on a server computer, typically the web server that provides the Java Web Start page.

This has the obvious advantage that the wIntegrate Java Client doesn't need to be installed on every client computer where it is used. But another great feature of Java Web Start is that the wIntegrate Thin Client will be automatically re-deployed if it has been updated.

It used to be possible to run the wIntegrate Thin Client as an applet embedded inside a browser page but support for this has gradually been removed due to security concerns. Few, if any, browsers still support Java Applets.

There is a link on the left that is intended to demonstrate running the wIntegrate Thin Client using Java Web Start but the example will need to be configured for your particular environment - other links are provided to help with that.